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Electrical Installations

Smart Home ΚΝΧ


Structured wiring

Security systems

Service by a licensed electrician installer, trained in new technologies, innovative solutions, standards and safety measures.

Our company guarantees for the security functionality reliability of your installation.

We provide solutions for all your electrical needs.

With many years of experience in electrical installations, breakdowns, automation, re-checks, new installations of homes, business premises, hotels and maintenance of electromechanical equipment. We are ready to provide you with services with the primary objective of the safety of the operator and the installation.

Remote Management & Control of Loads and Installations

Motors Pumps Automation PLC Remote control

Surge & Lightning Protection Systems

Lighting Architectural Professional Domestic Dimming Dali

Electrical Installations Control Measurements Energy Saving Solutions


The world of home and building control "talks" KNX

The global standard for building control and automation

It provides a solution to the need for comfort and flexibility, in the management of lighting, air conditioning, shading systems, energy saving and remote control for our facilities. It complies with European Union requirements and global standards for home automation and is an example of quality for building manufacturers. Over 295 member companies worldwide offer nearly 7,000 certified KNX product groups in their catalogs.


SOMFY The ideal partner for your "wireless" smart home

Add value and quality to your everyday life and easily interact with your home

Manage roller shutters, external roller blinds, blinds, internal shading systems, awnings, pergolas, garage doors and security systems, easily from your mobile or tablet. We create the smart home of your dreams, without specialized wiring and maintenance in the existing installation, with a wireless means of communication and the guarantee of Somfy. The products are designed in France to guarantee quality, performance and durability.



Installation of CCTV and intercom systems in single-family homes, apartment buildings and business premises.

Structured cabling installations for computer network, closed circuit cameras, wireless and wired security systems.

We provide a complete package of electrical services to cover all the needs of an electrical installation.

Installation systems

We operate shock surge arresters, anti-lightning protection, lightning rods, equipotential grounding as well as protective grounding.

Purpose of the system lightning protection

It is to protect people, electrical and electronic devices from shock surges that are due either to a direct lightning strike or to an indirect strike, even from surges that are due to handling of PPC switches.


We transform your IFTTT mindset - if this happens then you become that - and the needs of the installation, into electrical automations, without limitations, using PLC (program logic controller).

Experience and Reliability

Having a solid training in technical knowledge, continuously upgrading it with seminars and certifications. We are able to serve you in all your electrical needs with Responsibility, Honesty and Professionalism. We apply and work based on European, Greek standards and their revisions (from presidential decrees). We are members of the Association of Lavrio Attica and Mediterranean Contractors SEHEML, where we are constantly updated and trained to meet the demands of our profession.

With certifications

Such as KNX Partner, Somfy Assistance, ELEMKO and many others. We outperform the competition with more knowledge, application and experience in new innovative solutions for automation, management and control of electrical installations, in smart homes and business premises. Having solutions for every need in our quiver.


Trust us to choose the right materials for your electrical installation, in collaboration with the best companies in the electrical equipment industry, worldwide.


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